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I ran across a Memphis web design company today that had a pretty cool new design for their website. They offer a variety of internet marketing services, but what I like is how they present them. They have a big light bulb on their website and when you click on one of the services to get more information an icon changes in the light bulb to represent that type of service. I just think that is a cool and subtle visual effect to put into a website design. They are a full service internet marketing company, so I am not really surprised that they thought of that.

One other thing I like about their website is the design for their blog. They made their blog look a little different from the rest of the site just to give it a blog feel, but still kept the main structure and color scheme. I think it makes for an easier transition. I have seen other websites that keep the same look throughout the site and because the blog keeps that same look, it isn’t visually appealing. I have also seen some websites link out to their blog located on blogger and they still use a standard blogger template. For one thing that breaks up the flow by sending them to another website, for another it looks cheap. I highly recommend people don’t do that. I think you won’t look very legitimate if you are linking out to another website for your blog.

If you want to check out the Internet marketing company’s website that I was looking at earlier, their name is HigherVisibility. Please leave me any comments if you liked this post.

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